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  • Forum 2 - definitions for gazetteers and data types
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During the first session of Technical Committee II (E/CONF.101/57 and Add.1) it was recommended that the WG TDFG may consider to commence investigations into defining appropriate definitions for gazetteers and data types as this is obviously an issue for the WG TDFG.

[...] Within UNCSGN resolutions and UNGEGN recommendations and policies, and indeed within the wider research literature, there does not appear to be commonly accepted definitions for the terms ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ as they relate to gazetteer data. Rather, there seems to be a proliferation of terminology used to define both the types of data which are incorporated into gazetteers, and the gazetteers themselves- ranging from official and authorised to unofficial and informal.

The need for the officially sanctioned gazetteers to be of a high quality in terms of accuracy and completeness of available data is increasing rapidly, and if we do not meet the needs of our communities, other unofficial providers will do so. We strongly encourage the member states of UNGEGN to commence the conversation on defining gazetteer and data types with the aim of developing robust definitions and increasing the relevance of the systems we currently maintain. There is potential to expand the scope of official data collection and name approval methods to allow for national gazetteers to incorporate both official and unofficial names which fulfil the information requirements of our communities. [E_CONF.101_57_The Four Faces of Toponymic Gazetteers]


The following sub-sites have been created within this forum in order to be able to monitor and streamiline the discussions properly:

F2.1 Definition and content of gazetteers
F2.1-Q1: What is your understanding about the term 'gazetteer'?
F2.1-Q2: How many faces have got your 'gazetteers' in your country/Institution?
F2.2 Differences between data types
F2.2-Q1: What indications for data types are provided through your spatial data sets?
F2.2-Q2: Have users provided you with any any problems / difficulties / concerns using these data types?
F2.2-Q3: What is your opinion regarding the initial definitions, placed in the table above (at F 2.2.)? Have you any additions, or otheer proposals? Questions?

The discussions will be monitored and streamlined by the moderator.

Moderation of Forum 2:

Ms. Vita Strautniece (Latvia)
Email: Vita.Strautniece[at]

Initial papers do help to commence investigations within the WG TDFG. Some of them are uploaded to this side and can be commented.


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