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 F5-Q1: How do geographical names data and gazetteers fit within the big picture of the SDGs? Are the issues related to production or accessibility?  

 F5-Q2: Is toponymic information like language, status of a name/language, etc. needed for all SDG indicators where geospatial data is needed?

 F5-Q3: What is UNGEGN’s contribution to this overall UN/DESA - ECOSOC work program - 2030 Agenda – leaving no one behind?     

The discussions will be monitored and streamlined by the moderator.

Moderation of Forum 5:

Mr. Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu (Germany)
Email: pier-giorgio.zaccheddu[at]

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  1. Do geographical names data play a specific role for the SDGs under a geospatial lens? The UNGEGN Bulletin #54 provides you with a 'special feature' comprising several articles on how geographical names support sustainable development: