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  • United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UNGGIM)

    ECOSOC established the Committee of Experts as the apex intergovernmental mechanism for making joint decisions and setting directions with regard to the production, availability and use of geospatial information within national, regional and global policy frameworks. Led by United Nations Member States, UN-GGIM aims to address global challenges regarding the use of geospatial information, including in the development agendas, and to serve as a body for global policymaking in the field of geospatial information management

  • Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)

The past and current SDI regional newsletters are posted on the GSDI home page at

You may also download them directly as follows:

    • SDI-Africa Newsletter
    • SDI-Latin America and Caribbean Newsletter
    • SDI-Asia and Pacific Newsletter
    • FGDC Newsletter
    • Eurogeographics and EUROGI Newsletters
    • GSDI Newsletter
    • EIS-Africa Newsletter
    • SALB Newsletter

Please forward the newsletters to others that may be interested.

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