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To respond to UN resolutions and UN data needs, this Working Group on Geographical Names Data Management addresses various issues of geographical names data processing, including the creation, maintenance and outputs of geographical names data files (including gazetteer production) and aspects of geographical names data exchange formats and standards.

Issues of providing geographical names information within national and international spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) through web (gazetteer) services and multipurpose geographical names database solutions in the context of SDIs as well as the utilization of volunteered geographic information and crowd sourced data are becoming more and more important. Furthermore, the issue of appropriate definitions for gazetteers and data types and of general feature types/categories relates with the agenda of the WG GNDM.

This homepage was created for the Working Group on Geographical Names Data Management (WG GNDM) of the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN).

Rules for participants

For further information, please contact Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu (pier-giorgio.zaccheddu[at]bkg.bund.de).

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