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Werden im INSPIRE-Monitoring 2019 zugriffsgeschützte Dienste berücksichtigt?


  1. Antwort der Kst. GDI-DE: Wir gehen davon aus, dass zugriffsgeschützte Dienste im INSPIRE-Monitoring berücksichtigt werden.

  2. Information des JRC am 21.01.2020:

    Regarding the number of downloadable datasets - currently we have make the Geoportal system "very flexible" again and we count (= calculate the relevant Indicator + show in the Geoportal front-end)  your data sets downloadable, even if we (as well as potential users) cannot directly access them. We have encountered many various IT reasons e.g. the major is your protection/request for an authentication ( many types..). We are currently finishing the work on distinguishing those downloadable data sets that require any type of authentication. We plan to have two different icons for users to know what to expect.